THE TRV TRIANGLET.R. Vernal Paving, Inc was founded in the Raleigh/Durham area in 1989.  The company’s namesake, Tim Vernal, had visited the area a few years earlier and it had made an impression on him.  So after finishing college at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA, he headed south.  After about a year he set out on his own with some old trucks and equipment.

From those humble beginnings the company built its reputation and continued to grow and develop into the multi-million dollar corporation it is today.  T.R. Vernal Paving continues to grow today by building relationships with its customers.  Quality of our work and service to our customers is our most valued advertising medium.  We know how important strong business relations are and at T.R. Vernal Paving we work to build them everyday.

Our continued growth would not be possible without the outstanding employees we have been blessed with over the years.  We were fortune enough to acquire good people early on and keep them, some of whom have been here for over 15 years.  Through the efforts of these talented individuals a great team has developed that allows T.R. Vernal Paving to service our customers and deliver a quality product each day.


Experience you can Trust 

Tim Vernal

Kevin Sisk: ksisk@trvernalpaving.com
Lyn Bryan: lbryan@trvernalpaving.com

Roberty Martinez
Ovidio Maldanado
Rigoberto Rubio

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